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Skin Tag Removal

Treatment for Skin Tags

They are benign, tiny out pouching skin which is normally attached to the skin underlying it by a stalk which is thin. Skin Tags often look like tiny pieces of skin that is hanging and normally occur in those sites where clothes rub up against any skin as well as areas where there is friction from skin-to-skin, for example as underarms, groin, upper chest as well as neck. Cutaneous skin tags are usually small and harmless skin growths.

By using low levels of High Frequency electrical current only to the surface of your skin, making this a safe, non-invasive and fast treatment. Skin tags disappear on contact and won’t come back. Because there is no penetration through the skin, this treatment is virtually painless. At the very most, some patients may feel a slight pricking sensation.

Here at Boca Med Spa, we use only professional; specially trained and certified clinical aestheticians to perform this advanced cosmetic treatment and we observe the strictest standards of hygiene. The disposable, sterile stylus tips are used only once to insure complete safety.