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What is Pressotherapy?

Boca Med Spa offers Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage massage, is an effective treatment for reducing cellulite and swelling in the body. It works by applying pressure to the area of discomfort with a pressurized wrap technique. This encourages improved circulation and fluid movement, which helps reduce swelling and tighten skin. Many people find that this relaxing massage can provide long-lasting relief from pain and tension.

Pressotherapy benefits

The benefits of pressotherapy are numerous. Not only does it help reduce swelling and improve circulation, but it also relieves stress, increases energy levels, detoxifies the body, boosts metabolism, reduces fat deposits, tightens loose skin, improves elasticity of joints and muscles, decreases inflammation caused by arthritis or muscle strain, eliminates toxins and impurities from the body’s cells, improves sleep quality and digestion issues such as bloating.